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Parks of Croatia


When looking at the level of biodiversity, Croatia belongs to the richest European countries, with over 38,265 species, 1,089 of them endemic. Croatia is the third country in Europe in terms of the ratio of surface and number of flora species, and eighth country in Europe when it comes to the diversity of mammal species. Out of five large carnivore species living in the area of Europe, three species can be found in Croatia - wolf (Canis lupus), lynx (Lynx lynx) and brown bear (Ursus arctos).


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We have selected for you some of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean. All of them are located in the beautiful part of Croatia and Italy. Did you know that Croatia and Italy share the same story? The historical one! Let us to introduce you this ancient story and pick one of these stunning cities and start your dream journey.


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Famous beaches


Unknown about the famous. Everyone knows that Croatia is a top tourist destination with a beautiful blue and clear sea. But did you know that Croatia has 1244 islands? Did you know that the Croatian coastline 6278 km length? And did you know that the sea area of Croatia is 31,479 km2? Let’s find out where these amazing beaches are!


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Special offers


In the heart of Dalmatia is the second highest mountain in Croatia. At the foot of the untouched Nature Park of Biokovo stretches 50 kilometers of sandy beaches. That is why we chose this part of Croatia as our special offers whether it’s a family or romantic tour. This is an ideal combination of active and passive vacations, combination of good food, Dalmatian wine and unforgettable entertainment or a cruise through the heart of Dalmatia. By your choice!


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Venice - Italy

Venice is the capital of Veneto region built on more than a hundred small islands in a lagoon of the Adriatic Sea. The main feature of Venice: HAS NO ROADS, JUST CANALS! The most famous is the Grand Canal thoroughfare lined with Renaissance and Gothic palaces. Throughout the history, Venice is known as a powerful maritime power and shipbuilding.

Florence - Italy

Florence is the capital of Tuscany region. In Florence was born Renaissance, has been known as "the Athens of the Middle Ages". We can say that Florence is the «most Italian» city in Italy with its literary Italian language, fashion industry, autochthonous Italian food & wine. Many well-known noble families coming from Florence, such as historically influential Medici family.

Rome - Italy

Rome called the Eternal City. The capital of Italy and the capital of the mighty Roman Empire. Inspiration of many Hollywood movies such as Roman holiday, Spartacus, Ben-Hur, Gladiator. In the heart of Rome is the Vatican State from which the Pope managed by the Catholic Church. Even today you can stroll the paths of “the Ancient Rome” starting from «Forum Romanum» (Roman forum) next to famous Colosseum.

Croatia has become one of the top destinations to visit for Americans, so it's important to have a service ready for their wants and needs. Am-Cro Travel is an exclusive agency that combines the best services and experiences for Americans looking for the trip of a lifetime.

Ashley Colburn

It was an exceptional pleasure to collaborate with Am-Cro Travel. Judging by the comments of the guests it proved to be the right decision, for both parts, the Guests and hotel Osejava too. Am-Cro Travel provided, above all, a professional and excellent service. We hope to continue this extraordinary successful cooperation!

Ivana Pivac Ivandić, manager at Hotel Osejava, Makarska

Ambassador Travel successfully cooperate with Amcro Travel, which is a specialized agency for the US market. We can definitely recommend them, to all our Partners to a mutual satisfaction.

Maro Kapović, Executive director at Ambassador Travel, Dubrovnik

Amount of cities we were able to see, the culture we got to take in, the knowledge of the country and people and then warmth of the people there made for us an exceptional Croatian experience.

Thank you AmCro Travel for ALL the details and all the communication with us to give us a peace of mind so we could totally come and just enjoy. It was really stress free. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Jackie from Colorado

Thank You for a wonderful fabulous itinerary! I also want to say I really really appreciate you making sure we arrived at our destinations no matter where or what it was! I am so happy we got to meet you.

Our trip was so fantastic because of you two! I know our friends will ask about our trip and we will definitely recommend AmCro Travel and the two of you.

Linda & Mike from San Diego

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