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  • The most popular type of coffee to order in Croatia is an espresso or coffee with milk (pronounced: kava s’mlijekom). If you order Ice Coffee- it will be coffee with ice cream.  There really aren’t flavors for coffees, or mochas. If you order coffee with cream, a type of whipped cream will come on top.

Funny Cultural Differences

  • If you put your purse or bag on the floor, it is very common someone will pick it up and put it on a chair.  It is believed if you put your bag on the ground, you will have no money.
  • Protect your kidneys.  Sounds crazy, but it is believed by Croatians that your kidneys should always be covered.  I’ve asked why and they say you can get pneumonia.  Consult your doctor if you want to jump on this bandwagon.
  • Putting your flashers on your car and parking wherever you want, somehow is completely acceptable.  You might get angry and honk and yell, but it will still be done.
  • Every time you go buy something (almost every time) you will get asked for smaller change.  So, if someone says, maybe 2 kuna?  They want to give you just bills back instead of change.  It drives me crazy, but the ATM only gives out 200 kuna bills so there is no avoiding this.
  • Lines are…well, not taken that seriously.  Speak up if you don’t want someone to cut in front of you somewhere.
  • If you are invited over to someone’s house in Croatia, it is common to bring something.  Perhaps flowers, wine, cakes, don’t show up empty handed.
  • Don’t be surprised if you show up at a restaurant and when you make an order they tell you that they are out of it.  Often times this is when there are seasonal dishes, but it is something it took me awhile to get used too.

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